About the programme of study BA in Dance Art and Choreographic Thinking

Høyskolen for dansekunst is a private higher education institution with programme of study at first cycle in dance and choreographic thinking. The programme of study Bachelor’s degree in dance art and choreographic thinking shall provide a BA level qualification in dance art work and choreographic thought. The programme includes performing and creative work and artistic development work.

The students are creating and performing in their own choreographic works, alone or together with their fellow students. A key objective is for the student to be able to relate the programme’s defined field of knowledge and expertise to own artistic work. The education is based on artistic, research, and experience-based knowledge within the fields of dance studies, choreography studies, and art production with the aim of carrying out artistic development work of a high international calibre.

The University College of Dance Art works in close collaboration with Rom for Dans AS, an arts institution and centre of excellence with a focus on children and young people’s participation in the art of dance.

Upon completion of the programme of study the student shall be able to establish and operate own enterprise with a basis in creative dance, alone or in collaboration with others. The programme of study qualifies the student to pursue an MA in choreography-related disciplines and other relevant master’s programmes related to the body/movement, art and communication.