Admission requirements

The next audition for the BA in in Dance Art and Choreographic Thinking will be for the academic years 2022-2025.
We have opened up a couple of spots for admission to the 2nd year of study for the years 2020 – 2022.

Application deadline is 4th of april 2020. The dates for the audition are not set yet.

For more information about admission requirements for the 2nd year of study click here.


Application form for audition to the 2nd year.


Formal requirements

The admission criteria for the BA in dance art and choreographic thought at The University College of Dance Art are:

  • Certificate of Upper Secondary Education with a general higher education entrance qualification, or an equivalent qualification.
  • Admission is granted on the basis of an entrance examination including an audition.
  • Applicants shall fill out the application form available at the school or on the school’s website. Please contact us for further information about the form.
  • A statement of health is to be enclosed with the application. Applications must be submitted by the application deadline.
  • Applicants must enclose certified copies of diplomas from education and/or confirmations of work experience, completed courses or other relevant prior learning and work experience. Education from abroad is to be documented through written course descriptions, transcripts, and diplomas.

An exception to the requirement for a higher education entrance qualification is made for applicants who through other certified education and entrance exam/audition can document qualifications equivalent to the established admission requirements and specific professional qualifications within the art of dance and choreographic thought.

The school views the formal admission requirements as being in compliance with the level and qualification targets necessary to be able to commence the first semester of the BA programme in dance art and choreographic thought.

Additional requirements

All applicants are assessed through a practical/artistic entrance exam. Passing the entrance exam, along with fulfilment of formal/learning and work experience requirements, provides the basis for admission.

The jury shall during the entrance audition assess the applicant’s dance training and artistic work viewed in terms of:

  • Understanding of own body and movement and use of different physical/technical principles.
  • Understanding of space and composition
  • Experience in making own artistic choices and understanding of own artistic work.
  • Collaborative and communication abilities
  • Motivation about and understanding of the programme’s contents.
  • Interest in dialogical and process-oriented work
  • Interest in reflecting upon what dance and choreography as a practice and art form can be

The University College of Dance Art  and the Bachelor’s degree in dance art and choreographic thought (180 ECTS) is accredited byThe Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT,

Tuition fee

The student fee pr. semester for the schoolyear 2020/21 is 37.500 NOK.

Included is the registration fee of 3.750 NOK which must be payed within 14 days after signing the contract.

Other financial obligations

  • Enrollment in SiO – The Studentorganisation in Oslo (ca. 600 NOK pr. semester)
  • Participation in the dancefestival Oktoberdans in Bergen, including expenses for travel, accomodation and diet. *
  • Participation in an exchangeprogram during the 2nd or 3rd year of study, including expenses for travel, accomodation and diet.*
  • Syllabus and compulsary performances in Oslo. (Ca.  1 – 2.000 NOK pr. year)

*HFDK will assist in finding affordable accomodation in connection with study trips and finances the festivalpass for Oktoberdans Festival.

Norwegian students can apply the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund. Foreign students must seek a loan in their own national student loan fund.

Language requirements

Our courses are mainly taught in Norwegian but English is also used. The student must have a proper understanding and speaking ability in English and in Norwegian before rolling in the programme. We are able to assist in finding a Norwegian course for the student to enroll in, however all expenses regarding a language course must be covered by the student.